Wand Starter Kit
  • Wand Starter Kit


    Are you interested in making a wand but you don't know where to start? If so, you're in the right place. I've put together a perfect beginner wand kit with all the essential decorations that I use in the wands that I create. This kit is meant to spark your own creative fire, so that you can create the perfect wand for you! 



    Pine is an evergreen tree & is often associated with immortality/eternity, as well as marital happiness & fertility. It is a good wood for invoking spirits of the wood & nature. Pine was a symbol of protection & immortality to the Celtic people & was revered as the tree of life & the tree of the mother. In many traditions, it is common to see (usually a healer or shaman) holding a staff with a pinecone on the top -- which is a symbol of enlightenment, resurrection, eternal life, & regeneration. Today pine is known to be used for prosperity, purification, grounding & protection against negativity. 

    Information about pine from: https://magickalspot.com/pine-tree-symbolism-meaning/



    Quartz is the most powerful healing & energy amplifier on the planet, it absorbs, stores, releases, & regulates energy. It raises energy around it to the highest possible level. Quartz crystals store information & act as a spiritual library that is just waiting to be read. It can enhance psychic abilites & attune you to your spiritual purpose. Quartz is a master healer & is the most effcieint receptor for programming.

    Information about quartz from: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall


    Copper is associated with Taurus, Sagitarrius, the 1st & 2nd chakras, the number 1 & the color red. Copper is said to provide a harmonic connection between the subtle bodies and the physical body, & has been used to send telepathic thought successfully. It conducts electrical impulses & magnifies the energy of the healer or minerals to the subject of the healing. It can stimulate optimism, initiative, diplomacy & independence. Copper also activates and balances the root & sacral chakras, stabilizing intuition, sexuality, desire & vitality & can help one recognize where one blocks their own growth/personal development.

    Information about copper from: https://www.charmsoflight.com/copper-healing-properties

    Included with this kit:

    • 2 clear quartz points
    • a pine "wand" (each kit will be unique in the size of the wand; ~6 to 10 inches)
    • 1 small jar of "Magical Moss" (oak)
    • 2 strands of 18g copper wire (~4 feet)
    • 1 jute twine (~4 feet)
    • 1 howlite bead (or similar)
    • may include other random decorative items


    Not included with this kit:

    • knowledge of how to create the wand
    • woodworking tools
    • glue or other materials that help crystals stay on
    • wire wrapping tools and cutters


    On my instagram account (@mercuryxlanding), I do plan on sharing more of my creation process & offer tips & answer questions about the wand creation process -- this kit provides a lot of the basic wand creation items, but not how to do it, that part is up to you my friend.