Rainwater (Reiki & crystal charged)

Rainwater (Reiki & crystal charged)


Rainwater collected in the Pacific NorthWest, cleansed and charged with reiki and crystal magic. Rainwater has many ritualistic uses including: cleansing & consencrating magical tools & purifying the space, adorning candles & people, as well as use for ritual baths, potions, lotions, teas & brews (although I do not indorse injesting this -- I canot be sure that it is safe to injest). Each bottle of rainwater will have the crystal listed that was used to charge it & the moon under which it was charged. Rain is a special kind of magic, that undergoes several alchemical transformations on its journey and embodies the elements of earth, air and water (& the element of fire is added when collected during a lightning storm). Rain cleanses the earth and the air (rain clears smoke from the air), & helps nature grow. Water is programmable (just like crystals) & can be an amazing ally in ritual magic. This is an excellent item for any witch to have on hand, especially in the states of Colorado & Utah where rainwater can be restricted and limited.


Rainwater by moon phase [by the MOST RECENT PHASE that has occured]:
New moon rain – drawing in & new projects
Waxing moon rain – blessings & new beginnings
Full moon rain – goddess blessings, purification, ritual altar & tool blessing
Waning Moon- Rain waters collected during this time is good for getting rid of things, banishings, purging of negativity.
Dark moon rain – banishing & hex breaking, or to bring about difficulties to those who have troubled you.
Blue moon - miracles
Waning Moon- Rain waters collected during this time is good for getting rid of things, banishing, purging of negativity.

Moon phase info from: https://aminoapps.com/c/pagans-witches/page/blog/rainwater-properties/1Jzl_oRvf6udRqnrn4v8NG3mBBL3GwElWWo



In this bottle you will receive:

  • reiki & crystal charged rainwater


(crystal used to charge the water may vary per bottle & I will let you know which crystal was used in case you are interested.)


Jar size: ~4 fluid ounces
Screw on lid
Weight: (varies) ~242 grams
Sealed with melted wax to prevent leakage