"Psychic Smudge Spray" (palo santo, sage, jasmine)
  • "Psychic Smudge Spray" (palo santo, sage, jasmine)


    This blend of palo santo, sacred sage, jasmine & reiki/crystal charged water has the intention to smudge away energetic debris from your auric field & general space. It has clear quartz & amethyst crystals to help with this intention. The scent is flowery and sweet, like jasmine and sage, with a hint of citrus-y/earthy palo santo.
    Palo Santo has been used since Incan times (likely before too) in rituals and cerermonies. It was revered for its powers to purify, attract positive energy, clear negative energy & bring physical/spiritual healing. The Spanish monks who discovered it named it "palo santo" ("holy wood" or "wood of the saints") & healers/shamans of South America believe that the tree itself has a spirit which continues to live in the the tree even after the tree has fallen -- this myth is so deeply rooted that properly harvested Palo Santo trees are never cut down & they actually wait 3 years after the trees natural death before they begin to harvest any wood or oils from the fallen tree. "When the unique fragrance of Palo Santo scent stimulates the brain, the body turns on its relaxation response, blood circulation increases, and we experience feelings of mental and emotional clarity, peace and tranquility plus many other beneficial effects."
    Palo Santo information [& quote] from: https://www.modernom.co/blogs/blog/palo-santo-magic
    Sage has been used across time as a smudging tool (energetic cleansing) & its name comes from the word "salvus" which means "health". The Gauls believed sage destroyed all negativity & the Druids would use sage in a magical beer concoction that was said to have healing powers. The Native Americans used sage in exorcisims combined with cedar branches, it was burned by the shamans to drive away "evil" spirits & attract positive ones into the space. Some cultures even believed that sage grants immortality, which birthed the expression "whoever cultivates sage in his garden, will have no reason to die." Sage is used for gaining wisdom, healing, protection & energy cleansing. It can help with mental clarity, discernment & stripping away "illusions".
    Sage information from: https://magickalspot.com/mighty-sage-magical-properties/
    Jasmine is thought to have originated around 1000BC in Persia, Turkey & Greece; it was named "Yasmin" ("Gift from God") because of it's amazing smell & nicknamed "Queen of the Night". In magical uses, Jasmine is associated with the moon & jupiter, the goddesses Venus/Aphrodite, Artemis, & Selene, the astrological sign of Cancer, the element of water, the divine feminine, & rose quartz, opal & moonstone. It can assist with spiritual love, prophetic dreams, healing, beauty, confidence, faerie magick, friendship, moon magick & divination.
    Jasmine information from: https://wiccanow.com/magickal-properties-of-jasmine/

    In this spray bottle you will receive:
    1 clear quartz chip
    1 amethyst chip
    reiki charged water
    20 drops of palo santo essential oil
    20 drops of sacred sage essential oil
    10 drops of jasmine essential oil
    To use: (not intended for internal use) shake & spray anywhere & anytime you need an energetic cleansing or a boost of psychic ability. Mist yourself, your ritual tools, crystals (ones that may get wet), space, etc.
    Bottle size: ~2 fluid ounces
    Spray lid with cap
    Weight: 122 grams