Curly Tree of Life
  • Curly Tree of Life


    Who We Source From:

    Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. They support Haiti’s small producers, reforest Haiti & build rural economies by buying coming alongside locals to produce quality products from recycled goods. They re-invest 100% of their own profits into strengthening business activities of small producer farmers and artists. 

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    About this Product:

    Trees of Life are symbols of growth, wisdom, protection, bounty, redemption.

    Origin:  Croix des Bouquet, Haiti

    Material: Up-cycled steel oil drum

    Specs: Small - 6", Medium - 12", Large - 23", Fair Trade Certified

    Directions: For outdoor use: the topcoat of varnish wears away over time, and the art piece begins to rust naturally.  Maintain the original look by spraying with clear enamel every 2 years.

    Made by Haitian artist Louis Juste Omiscar

    SKU: b52aec15