Constellation Wall Hanging (Ameythst & quartz orgone)
  • Constellation Wall Hanging (Ameythst & quartz orgone)


    This is a wall decoration that I modified. It has a pre-fixed metal hook on the back so that it can easily be hung on the wall, or it's also great to use propped up against something.

    Amethyst crystals, clear quartz crystals, copper chips & aluminum shavings (& metal zodiac charms) were used for the creation of this piece inside UV resin.


    While I was creating this piece I saw an image of myself walking up to a doorway that was shut. I was holding a map of the stars, which is how I got to this doorway. When I approached the doorway, I realized the door was locked & first I felt confused but then something told me to reach into my pocket, so I did & I pulled out a key. The key fit into the lock & the door opened. & that's when I realized -- I already have everything I need (even I don't know it), I just need to trust. I hope this brings you peace!


    Thank you to all the muses out there who gave me this great idea! :)