What is Energy healing / reiki?

🌟What is energy healing/reiki & how does it work?🌟

Energy work is a process of having pure source energy channeled into your energetic field, which encourages any unhelpful energy to clear out & invites in fresh energy. Energetic fieldwork regularly can be helpful to maintain the aura, allowing you to maintain sovereignty in a hectic world; clearing manifestations of imbalance, and dis-ease, allowing you to live your best life! If you are interested in what energy healing/reiki feels like & how it works via distance, please feel free to tune into my Instagram page @nothing_toseehere613 where I often post quick 30-second energy healing/reiki reels at no cost! Energy healing/reiki via distance works because of our reality's quantum nature. When we realize that time/space is one, we understand how energy can flow through non-linear time/space. This is a very easy concept to test for yourself using the reiki reels mentioned on my Instagram page, if you wish you can give permission to accept energy & see if you experience anything! I would love to know what you experience (if anything) so please do leave a comment on the reel if you do! :)

Reported benefits of energy healing/reiki:

🌟reduction of pain, anxiety & fatigue

🌟treatment of depression, anxiety & other mental health issues

🌟mood booster

🌟enhanced quality of life

🌟may relieve nausea, headache, insomnia & tension

Possible spiritual side effects of energy healing/reiki:

🌟past life remembering

🌟emotional purging (crying)

🌟shadow/ego integration

🌟ability to shift mindsets more easily

More information about reiki:

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