The truly empowered choice comes from the heart....

As a very heavy Mercury (mental) person -- it comes natural to me to make decisions based on logic and "should"s & "well wouldn't it be better if..." -- but what I've had to really **work on** is tuning into my heart to make BETTER decisions. Albert Einstein has a famous quote about why this is a necessary action to take: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

The problem sometimes with using my mind/logic/rational thinking is that it's often the SAME THINKING that landed me in the situation I'm now trying to fix. My old way of handling this was to knuckle-down & think harder & twist my mind up into a knot trying to squeeze a solution out of my exhausted mind. Needless to say, that didn't have great results.

I was watching an Aaron Doughty video once & he was discussing the frequency of certain emotions & he mentioned that logic is pretty high up on the chart, but it's still below love & he mentioned that if Einstein had been willing to let go of his rigid logical beliefs he may have been able to go so much farther than he did. So there's no reason to throw logic out the window, I just need to bring it to the table & have a long heart-to-heart with my own heart.

My body is more intelligent than I can even fathom, it does so much for me that I could never consciously do! It keeps my heart beating, my lungs breathing, digestion, etc all without needing me to control it... & the heart is the ruler of my body so it makes perfect sense to me now that I should ask my heart before any decisions are made.

How does my heart feel? Literally & physically. If I tune into my heart about a situation, do I feel pain? Do I feel limited? Do I feel constricted? Or do I feel unconditional love? Do I feel joy? Do I feel free? Do I feel expansive? Do I feel limitless?

Ask yourself.

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