The Tower -- "fire of heaven"

Updated: Feb 21

The Tower symbolism -- "The Fire of Heaven"

Palmistry— inner and outer mount of mars, plain of mars

Numerology— 16 (1 + 6 = 7); 7 is an incomposite number which has no divisor other than itself, which is a symbol of it's unity. Pythagoreans call the number 7 "worthy of veneration" & was held to be the number of religion, because man is controlled by 7 celestial spirits. Also called the number of life, fortune, occasion, custody, control, government, judgment, dreams, voices, sounds and "that which leads all things to their end" [1] Deities who vibrate with the energy of 7 are: AEgis, Osiris, Mars, & Cleo (one of the muses). There are 7 archangels. 7 is also known as the mystic nature of man, consisting of a 3-fold spiritual body & a 4-fold material form. 7 is also the number the Makers of Cosmic law.

Element-- Fire

Astrology— Ruled by Mars; The archetype of Mars is linked with blood, war, strength, fortification, protection, & standing one's ground (how you fight for things). His vibe is one of breaking away, pioneering, completeing, getting things done, drive & inspiring sacrifice for one's priniciples. Mars signifies things that stimulate, burn, or explode. Mars rules both Aries & Scorpio, & his planetary joy is the 6th. Tuesday is Mars' day of the week. Color: red. Metal: iron. Mars is associated with the 1st & 8th houses.

Kabbalah— Letter “peh” ; meaning “throat, mouth” ; symbolic meaning “speak, word” ; pathway from Hod “splendor” (#8 "communication, expression of energy, reasoning, action, movement") to Netzach “victory” (#7 "strength, determination, concentration") [reasoning to intuitive desire] // The path of Peh is about taking in nourishment (high vibrational energy that activates the spirit) and the passing of speech, Prana Yamas (breathing exercises) & chanting "Ohm" can help on this journey.

Clouds— things seem unclear; didn't see it coming

Crown— the divine nature of man

Falling man & woman— duality; falling from the divine; lower desires -- illusion of the material world; loss of control; no safety net

Fire/flames— alchemy; transmutation; possibility to grow; burns from the top downwards symbolizing that this change is long overdue

Lightning striking from the sun—often thought to represent the transformational energy of scorpio, I would relate it to Uranus -- " the great awakener" -- stripping away all the illusions in life & forcing a recalibration; direct symbol from "god", this change is divine

Tower— (may be a phallic symbol) illusion of materiality; symbolizes the fall of man

Question the tower asks us -- What must I free myself from to release the energy that I AM.


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