The Star Symbolism

The Star Symbolism

Numerology: 17 (1+7=8); 8 stars on the card

Astrology: associated with Aquarius & Sirius. Saturn & Uranus.

Palmistry: Saturn (structure & responsibility) rules the middle finger & Aquarius (“I know”) rules the middle section of the middle finger. Uranus (originality) rules over the entire hand.

Element: Air & earth.

Kabbalah: connects Netzach (victory) & Yesod (foundation); Hebrew letter “Tzaddi” meaning “hook” & symbolic meaning of “honesty/harvest”;

Woman figure: beautiful, self-aware woman, foot on top of the water & knee on earth—humble posture; pouring out 2 urns, one nourishes the life of the earthly seed & the other back into the water, restoring the balance to both. Aware of the needs/desires of immediate surroundings. Said by some to be symbolic of Isis.

Pool of water: symbolizes the subconscious mind

The land: symbolizes the earthly world

Water urns: symbolizes unity between subconscious & material realm. From the left hand she pours her unconscious emotions onto the land around her. From the right hand she pours her consciousness & her focused energy.

Stars: 8 stars; symbolize hope, new discoveries & inspiration.

8 pointed star: religious symbol of redemption & regeneration (used in Islamic art & by the Free Masons) and is symbolic of pure spiritual love that awaits us at the end of our journey; “After the Sumerian epoch in the Euphrates-Tigris region, the Venus-goddess seems to have been symbolized by the eight-pointed star. The pentagram fell out of use and did not appear again in this region until some 1,000 years later.” [1] “The octagram of creation according to Gnostic tradition it is related to the planet Venus…this design has also been used in the Nordic countries as an invocation of magic and a protecting ideogram carved into doors and walls.” [1]; 7 stars around the bigger 8th star, symbolic of the 7 body chakras & the soul star chakra (located above the crown of the head) that connects us to source. Said to be symbolic of the star Sirius.

Bird/butterfly: symbolic of rising above our burdens, seeing a higher perspective; transformation; shift of perception


Liungman, Carl G. Dictionary of Symbols. W. W. Norton & Company, 1991, pp. 299-303. [1]

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