Symbolism of the wheel of fortune

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Numerology: 10; to Pythagoreans, this is the perfect number & holiest number; completion of a cycle which encompasses all potential, all possibility; wholeness; independence

Element: fire

Astrology: capricorn; planet = jupiter

Kabbalah: Chesed (Mercy) = 4 = structure, the number of the Tetragrammaton, and materialism. & Netzach (Victory) = 7 = strength, determination, concentration; Letter “Kaph” meaning open hand/palm of the hand & symbolic meaning “cover, grasp”, meaning we create our own destiny. The palm of the hand also contains our destiny, as told in palmistry, which contains the imprint of the soul; ideas of mercy/benevolence with the emotions of what makes the individual happy

Angel: divine messengers, important information, light bulb moments; top left corner = Aquarius

Angel wing: protection, affection, hope, happiness, gratitude helps

Bird: rising above the normal, look at the bigger picture, take a higher perspective

Books: intelligence, self-understanding

Bull: power, stability, resistance to change, bullheaded, stand ground and fight; bottom left = Taurus

Clouds: transition, depends on the color of the clouds

Eagle: connection to spiritual powers, spirit guides, teachers; top right corner= (2nd decan of) Scorpio

Lion: courage, strength, fearless; right bottom corner = leo

Mountains: challenges

Snake: transformation, Greek god Typhon (god of evil) down the left side, the descent of spirit into matter

Anubis: rising on the right side of the card, Egyptian god of the underworld who welcomed souls

Sphinx: mystery, knowledge, strength

Trees: growth

Wheel: cycles of life, luck, chance

Wolf: loyalty

Zodiac Circle: circle of friends

YHVH: Yod Heh Vau Heh, the name of God

TORA: torah = ‘law’, tarot or ROTA ‘wheel’

Alchemy: Symbols for mercury, sulfur, water, salt which are the building blocks of life/four elements and represents formative power

Palmistry-- the mount of jupiter, jupiter finger


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