symbolism of the moon

Palmistry: Relates to the Mount of Luna—located on the bottom of the palm on the pinky side; relates to intuition, imagination & psychic ability. Reveals compassion & empathy & is the link to one’s magick.

Astrology: Cancer (the mantra is ”I feel” & related to the stomach & breasts on the human body) & ruled by the moon (intuition, emotional temperament & divine feminine & rules Monday). Cancer relates to the 4th house of home, domestic affairs, nurturing, & the unconscious mind.

Kabbalah: Letter “Quoph”, meaning “back of head”, symbolic meaning “hidden/behind”. Connects “Netzach”(victory) to “Malkuth” (kingdom). Netzach is associated with the number 7, strength, determination & concentration. Malkuth is associated with the number 10, the physical world, energies manifested & all things tangible.

Numerology: 18 (1 + 8 = 9); Believed by Pythagoras to be the number of man & the shortcomings of being human (as it falls 1 number short of the “perfect 10”). Keywords are “ocean” & “horizon” because these were thought to be boundless by our ancient ancestors. 9 is a limitless number that gathers all numbers within itself. Gods/Goddesses associated with 9: Prometheus, Vulcan, Juno, Paean & Aglaia, Trirogenia, Curetes, Proserpine, Hyperion & Terpischore. 9 was viewed as an inverted 6 & was thought to be evil. According to the Greek Eleusinian Mystery school – 9 was the number of spheres that consciousness passed through on its way to birth (which is in alignment with the 9 realms in Norse mythology as well as Odin hanging himself for 9 days to reach enlightenment).[1] Moon cycles are repeated about every 18 years.

Element: Water; intuitive, deep feeling, vibrationally aware, instinctual, private, secretive, spiritual, creative (cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are water signs)

Crystals: moonstone, pearl, milk opal, labradorite, pyrite, ammonite, & selenite

Dog & wolf: faithful doorkeepers that keep the sun & the moon from penetrating too near the poles; “guardians of the gates of wisdom”

Dog: trained, domestic nature

Wolf: wild & primitive instincts

Pond: primordial swamp; “pool of illusion”

Path: mankind's journey from unconsciousness to spirituality; the path of wisdom

Towers: illusion of safety; “pillars of Hercules” according to Court De Gebelin; “fortresses of science & theology”

Crayfish/crab: human origins, represents the astrological sign of Cancer; represents the retrograde motion of the moon;

Distant mountains: moving towards the unknown

Yod: spiritual help; tears of the moon goddess;

The moon face: human reason lighting the way & is a reflection of divine wisdom


Secret Teachings of all ages by Manly P Hall [1]

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