Symbolism of The Lovers

The symbolism of the Lovers

Connected to the Devil card (IV looks like 15 & 2 people on the devil card are the lovers). The card used to be called The Decision because it’s about renouncing the previous framework of one’s life (bachelor life, flirtations and flings, leaving the parental home) & committing to a new life. Sometimes the choices have nothing to do with love at all, but the decision is one that must be made with one’s entire heart with no escape hatch left open.

Astrology: Gemini & Mercury; communicative, inquisitive, adaptable, versatile, rational mind, thinking process, travel/transportation

Element: Air; intellectual, communicative, abstract, idealistic, cooperative (YANG)

Kabbalah: Letter “Zayin” which means “sword” and symbolizes “discernment, cut off”; connects Binah (3)(understanding) (divine feminine, harmony, contemplation) to Tiphareth (beauty) (6)(consciousness, balance, integration, connecting divine & physical).

Number: 6 (feminine); family, empathy, responsibility, nurturing, service to other, protection, peace, selflessness, balance of opposites

Purple cloak on the angel: royalty

Angels: divine messengers, superconscious, spirituality

Angel wings: protection, affection, hope, happiness

Apple: joy, love, knowledge; 5 apples symbolize our 5 senses

Clouds: Transitions, revelations, epiphany

Heart: love, joy, affection

Mountains: challenges (phallic) (balanced by feminine water)

Pillar: stability

Snake: transformation, renewal, rebirth, cycles, primal nature, be flexible, be adaptable,

Trees: growth; one tree bearing fruit and the other flame symbolizes the temptations of the material world.

Flames: burning passion that man has which is his primary concern; 12 flames representing the 12 signs of the zodiac

Figure poses: Man (conscious/physical) is looking at the woman (subconscious/emotional), the woman is looking at the angel (superconscious/spiritual).


Book: Tarot Cards: The Hidden Symbols Explained

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