Symbolism of the Hierophant

Name--hierophant was the title of the chief priest in the Eleusinian mysteries (an ancient Greek ritual) More about that here:

Number—5; represents the essence of things as they are; latin word quintessence; the number of senses we have; bridging the world between senses and meaning

Astrology—Taurus ♉ & Jupiter

Crossed keys—the opening of new doors; keys of heaven held by St Peter

Triple Crown—authority and power; crown that rules the conscious, the subconscious & the super conscious

Key—symbolizes unlocking potential

Pillars—two pillars symbolizing law and liberty (or obedience/disobedience)

Pose—right hand connecting heaven & earth—blessing (same pose as the man on the 10 of swords); holding the cross of the pope in his left hand (religious scepter)

Cross of the pope—latin cross with 3 horizontal beams, the beams represent the pope’s three-fold rule as highest priest, highest teacher, and chief shepherd; it also symbolizes the pope is (as christ’s representative on earth) the co-ruler of three kingdoms: heaven, earth and hell.

Other figures in the card—followers kneeling to gain wisdom and insight that only the hierophant can give.


Tarot Cards: Hidden Symbols Explained book

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