Symbolism of The Hermit

Numerology: 9 (symbolic for universal consciousness, completion of a cycle & renewal)

Astrology: Ruled by virgo, & mercury

Element: earth

Kabblah: pathway connecting Chesed (Mercy) & Tiferet (Beauty); Letter “Yod” meaning closed hand & symbolic meaning of “deed, work”; connects the pillar of expansion to the pillar of moderation; “the heart of compassion”

Ledge/precipice: parallel to the fool on the ledge, you either attain God at the heights of the mountain, or folly

Staff: magic wand, spiritual energy

Hood: symbolizes protection, desire to hide, shutting away

Ice: difficult territory, need to calm down

Lantern & 6 pointed star(mundane meaning): “light of occult science”, he already has the truth he is seeking in the lantern & it’s shining out for all to see.

Star of David/Solomon’s Seal: Star of david—represents balance of opposite sides of the universe. To Jewish people it is the most sacred symbol that gives them power and protection from God Jenovah. Originated from the famous historical figure, King David (of David and the Goliath story) as legend states King David used this symbol on his shield for protection and for showing national pride for the Jews. Seal of Solomon—son of David, another king of Israel, one of the richest men in history who built a “majestic holy house Israel’s ‘sacred treasures’…. The seal of Solomon is a ring engraved with the name of God (Tetragrammaton – in Greek means ‘4 words‘, implying 4 words YHWH in English, translated into modern English is always capitalized as LORD, the name of the Jewish God) made from brass and iron that he received from God. The seal of Solomon reflects the cosmic order, the sky, the stars’ movements in the universe, the eternal link between heaven and earth, between natural elements. The seal thus represents the infinite wisdom of man and the divine laws of God. This seal consists of 2 triangles: one pointing downwards to the earth that can command devils, the other pointing upwards to the sky which can command angels. According to legend, this ring gave Solomon the power to summon and order the 72 demons in hell or talk with animals. From foul souls to the most vicious demon lords, Solomon can summon and control them to his will. Therefore, this symbol is a also seal with the meaning that people can stamp it on themselves to protect against evil spirits and demons. What distinguishes a Seal of Solomon from a Star of David is the 2 triangles are interlaced giving the appearance of a 3-dimensional figure. This was said in the Bible to make demons confused and dizzy, unable to do Solomon any harm.”

Alchemy meaning(star of david): fire triangle and a water triangle combining to form all matter and elements, showing the divine union between fire (masculine) and water (feminine), balance and completeness. It represents the gathering of many into one, from imperfection to perfection, the self-divided becoming the self-whole for spiritual unity.

  • Gold – Sun in the center

  • Silver – Moon at the top peak

  • Lead – Saturn at the lower peak

  • Iron – Mars at the upper left

  • Copper – Venus at the upper right

  • Tin – Jupiter at the bottom left

  • Mercury – Mercury at the bottom right


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