Symbolism of the Hanged Man

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Number: 12 (1+2=3) (symbolism of 3: mind-body-soul triad, birth-life-death cycle, 3 tells of life lessons that must be learned so that we can move forward. 3 is associated with Jupiter)

Element: water (symbol triangle pointing down) (feeling, intuitive, vibrationally aware, instinctual, private, secretive, spiritual, creative)

Astrology: pisces (mystic, dreamer, poet, idealistic); original ruler of pisces is Jupiter (luck, expansion, enjoyment), but Neptune (dreams, illusions, idealism, mystic, magician) is a modern ruler.

Kabbalah: letter “mem” meaning “water” symbolic meaning “overpower, reversal”; Geburah (Severity—5—destruction, motion, change, upheaval, chaos) to Hod (splendor—8—communication, expression of energy, reasoning, action, movement)

Hourglass: passage of time

Moon: cycles

Pillar: stability

Trees: Growth

Figure pose: standing on one leg symbolizes god realization, being rooted in oneness, his arms are crossed like a triangle which makes his body posture into the alchemical symbol for sulfur, which in alchemy relates to the Magnum Opus.

The post he is tied to: symbolizes the sacred union of duality which takes place at the 6th chakra

The T cross: letter T in Hebrew is called “Tav” which looks like a cross with equal arms. There is a lot of mysticism related to this letter because it is the last letter in the alphabet and it sumbolizes completion. And also is connected to the crucifixion of Jesus. The branch symbolizes his awakened spine.

Red and blue clothing: red (masculine), blue (feminine)

Halo around head: inner world is illuminated; crown chakra is open, enlightenment

Visconti-Sforza Hanged Man 15th century

The oldest surviving hanged man card is from the 15th century, from the Visconti-Sforza. If you look closely at it, you can see that his upper body is encased in kundalini fire, which is purifying his body, his blouse is white to symbolize purity and the buttons show the spine which is on fire. His head is touching a blue mountain, symbolizing the expansion of his consciousness, and blue symbolizing the divine. There is a wooden frame around him like a door frame symbolizing a transition. He is still because he needs his life energy to flow inward and not outward, and he is detached and surrenders to this process.

Norse Myth: “To obtain Wisdom (Sophia), the Norse supreme god Odin sacrifices himself by hanging himself from the (kundalini) tree Yggdrasil. This symbolizes the death of the ego, or the old man, as a result of a kundalini awakening. For the same purpose, he also sacrifices one of his eyes, leaving him with only one eye. This refers to the opening of his third eye.”

Palmistry-- bracelets of neptune


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