Symbolism of The Empress

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Number 3: self-expression, creativity, manifestation of creative talents, sacred number, holy trinity, triangle

Planet: Venus (Venus rules Libra and Taurus—love & money)

Element: Earth

Chakras: Heart & sacral

Arch: new beginnings, portal

Butterfly: transformation

Field of wheat: fertility & rebirth, represents that the questioners mind is alive with ideas for their future.

Crown: authority & power, desire for more control in life, needs recognition for achievements

Figure pose: relaxed, comfort, opulence, sumptuousness, enjoys all of life—good & bad,

Flowers: new life & regeneration, opening to new ideas

Golden scepter: power/force she wields over her domain, feminine orb at the top of a masculine symbol

Leopard: strength, trust inner self more, period of renewal as in “changing their spots”.

Mouse: scrutiny, examination, mice are short-sighted and examine their surroundings with great care, pay attention to detail.

Pomegranates: female fertility, associated with Persephone, underworld, symbolic of life, divine union, ripened pomegranates here on her dress in contrast to the high priestess

Pregnancy: personal growth, an aspect of life is starting to grow & develop, birth of an idea, following a new path in life, new goal. (doesn’t usually represent a literal pregnancy, although it can.)

Shield: protection of self & others from the harsh realities of life; be aware of own vulnerabilities and know when to raise the shield in defense, empress takes care of herself & pampers herself because she knows her worth

Stag: quiet strength, indicates the questioner may be holding back in some aspect, time to stand tall & make your presence felt rather than staying in the background

Star: guidance, focus on one problem at a time & light will be shed onto the issues at hand to deal with it & move on to the next , there is light at the end of the tunnel but the illumination comes from within

Swan: loyalty, trust gut instincts

Throne: stability, position of responsibility, represents the aspect of life that is under the questioners control, & the area of life indicated by the throne is running smoothly but only because of the determination & steady hand

Trees: growth, if there are a lot of cards with trees it indicates plans for a new venture/path/phase in life & at the moment the plans are sitting in the back of the mind working on them still

Triple stars on the crown: 12 stars in the crown, triple goddess Maiden, Mother, Crone, 12 signs of the zodiac, “marriage ring” between heaven & earth, shows her rulership over the 12 months of the year & dominion over the macrocosm.

Waterfall: perpetual refreshment & life-sustaining nourishment, permanent impermanence

Wings: freedom, break free from constraints, desire to be free in some aspect

Nature: symbolizes the natural cycle & order of nature, life & death, seed to crop to death, by embracing & accepting all aspects of self we find true happiness & wisdom

Kabbalah: Bridges Binah (motherly energy/mother energy) and Chokmah (energy of spirit/father energy) & is more intense than the place of the high priestess. The high priestess has to combine raw spiritual energy with intent & knowledge to get something to happen, but with the Empress card the energy is already been refined by Chokmah & is ready to be birthed. The gift of the empress is “acceptance”

Real world example of empress energy: 60’s/70’s hippie culture “flower power” & “free love” mentality. Needs the influence of the emperor to bring more order to the free reign chaos.

Aspects of mundane life ruled by the empress: creative arts (song, dance, art, etc), sexuality, housekeeping, children, the environment, pampering/”me time”/self-care, animals, gardening,

Palmistry-- mount of venus, girdle of venus


Tarot Cards The Hidden Symbols Explained by Derek Johnsen

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