Symbolism of The Emperor

Astrology: Jupiter; Uranus

Kabbalah: Heh (window) “vision, reasoning”; pathway on the tree of life “chokmah” (wisdom) “divine masculine” to “tiphareth” (beauty) “connecting divine & physical”

Crystals: Carnelian, red jasper

Numerology: 4; physicality, practicality, materiality, prosperity, positive thoughts, positive attitudes, spiritual support, encouragement, self-awareness, knowledge of personal inner strength, stability, foundation, organization

Zodiac: Aries

Throne – authority, power, rulership

Ram – Aries; leadership, courage, aggression; mars

Armor – protection, iron & metal ruled by mars

Scepter – phallic, masculine symbol of power, shaped like an ankh (life/death); “ In the book The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, Paul Foster Case notes that the ankh is a modified Venus symbol referring to the exaltation of the Sun in Aries.”

Orb – feminine symbol, connection to the empress, spiritual universe, cosmos

Crown –marriage ring between heaven/earth, vaults of

Heart Shawl – tenderness, compassion, heart on sleeve, win the heart of the people

Red, Orange and Yellow – 1st chakra, 2nd chakra, 3rd chakra; 1st: survival issues. 2nd: relationships, control, money, creativity, optimism, enthusiasm. 3rd: self-esteem, confidence, personal power. In 6th century china/asia only the emperor was allowed to wear yellow.

Rightward Gaze – future, forward thinking

White Hair – strength, power, age, wisdom

Long White Beard – elder wisdom, dignity, sovereignty, authority, virility; “Because beards cover the mouth and jaw, it’s “been associated with the potency of word or logos. This is further reinforced by the habit of stroking or tugging at the beard when pondering a problem. Thus, the Green word pogonotrophos, ‘man with a beard’, was once a synonym for philosopher”. When the beard grows wild, however, it then connects to animality, wild primalism, sadism, rage, dehumanization or destructiveness.”

Mountains – getting a higher perspective for strategy or engaging in combat, pointed peaks are phallic reaching up to the feminine sky.

Narrow Stream – feminine, dreams, intuition, emotions, subconscious, he only has a narrow view of them, not his strong suit but it’s there. He mostly works with logic, analysis and reason.


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