Symbolism of the Chariot


Astrology—Cancer; Moon


Kabbalah—Letter “Chet” (meaning “field/fence” symbolic meaning “separate, enclose”); Path from “Binah” (understanding) (divine feminine, harmony, contemplation) to “Geburah” (severity) (destruction, motion, change, upheaval, chaos)

Angel wings—protection, affection, hope and happiness

Arch—new beginnings

Armor—protection, strength

Castle—goals, achievements

City/village—protection, harmony, teamwork, lust/greed Charioteer left behind in order to reach his destination

Clothing—white square on chest = element of earth, stay grounded to the physical realm

Crown—intellect and temperance

Horse—strength, freedom

Moon—cycles, instinct, intuition

Sphinx—mystery, unity, balance, synthesis, the opposite forces the Charioteer must learn to master as they often are trying to go in different directions.

Stars—spiritual guidance

Yin Yang—balance

Wand—power, masculine, his power tool


Book: Tarot Cards The Hidden Symbols Explained,by%20two%20sphinx%2C%20a%20black%20and%20a%20white.

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