Symbolism of Strength

Number—8; balance between spiritual & physical world

Astrology—Leo; The sun;

Kabbalah— Gevurah (restraint, strength, power, judgement) and Chesed (kindness, love)

Lion—symbol for primal urges, our wants/needs, ego; lions are most active in the hours of dusk and dawn (many cultures regard this time as the time “in between” worlds), male lions are associated with the sun, but lionesses are associated with the moon; In Egypt: lion was associated with Sekhmet (goddess known as the Eye of Ra) who had the power of disease and healing & protected the pharaohs; In Greece: attached to Dionysus, Phoebus, Cybele and Artemis because myths said lions pulled the chariots of the gods/goddesses. Lions were a symbol of protection and were often guardians of the home/hearth, palaces, doorways, thrones, shrines, as well as the dead; In Hinduism: lions are an avatar (embodiment) of Vishnu; In Buddhism: the Buddha sits on the lion as a pillar of consistency, strength and wisdom; In alchemy: gold; In African: authority, strength, a great orator and diplomat who negotiated harmony with all the animals in the savanna, and the lioness is connected with the moon showing a fierce protection of her pride and motherhood.

White robe—purity of thoughts/intentions

Infinity sign—connection to the divine, she is in alignment with the highest truth

Laurel wreath—victory, success; Greek winners at the Olympics wore laurel wreaths; Laurel is sacred to the sun god Apollo (horrible story btw—Apollo pissed off Eros [cupid] & Eros shot him with an arrow of love & shot a river nymph named Daphne with a lead arrow of hate & made Apollo pursue her until she begged to be free of him & she was turned into a laurel tree. Apollo then vowed to protect the laurel tree & made a wreath out of the laurel branches/leaves)

Rose—balance, love, kindness


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