Symbolism of justice

Number 11 (master number); 1 +1 =2; 11 = intuition, inspiration, analytical abilities, courage, initiative, freedom-loving, number of high spiritual consciousness, conductor of cosmic energies; Christ consciousness is often connected to the number 11 [Jesus christ is 11 letters, jesus was 33 at moment of death (11 x 3), 11 promises made to john]; the number 1 is about leadership, optimism, positivity, and initiative, and the number 11 is 1 twofold, the 2 energy brings in a reminder of love, unity and empathy takes away the harshness of the number 1—which is what makes this number so highly spiritual; 11 is connected to the month of April (when Christ was resurrected) during the solar eclipse that happens on april 29th.

Crown: authority, power;

Helmet: protection from outside influence, shows sovereignty of the mind

Pillar: stability; similar to the high priestess the pillars symbolize the realm of the “beyond” what is behind the veil; using 3rd eye intuition to guide for the highest good

Scales: balance, held in left hand to represent that intuition balances logic; 2 Greek Goddesses who are depicted with scales, one is Themis (law and perfect order), the other being her daughter (Zeus is the father of course) Dike who was the goddess of justice (Dike means justice). In Egypt the Goddess Ma’at was the goddess of truth, harmony and balance (c. 2613 - 2181 BCE) and she was closely assoiated with an ostrich feather which was said to be a key part of the Weighing of the Heart of the Soul ceremony in the afterlife where one’s heart of soul would be measured against the feather on the scales. Ma’at was born of the sun god Ra (Atum) through the power of creation personified called Heka. Ma’at means “that which is straight” implying justice and order. The principle of Ma'at was the operational function of life and that of heka (magic) the power source which allowed for it. Ma’at is believed to be the central point where Egyptian society was built from. Ma’at is prevalent in all important iconography, shown next to Ra as he sails across the sky, and helping him fight Apophis by night. She was also a central talking point about a utopian myth from before Osiris was murdered by Set where there was peace on earth and all was beautiful, and some even say Ma’at was the true ruler of the earth at that time.

Square (on the crown): expression of two dimensions that constitute a surface; “land” “ground” “earth”; To Egyptians it means “realization” or “materialization”; to Alchemists this means “salt”; In astrology square signifies the most difficult and tense aspect that can occur between two planets and it forms a 90 degree angle.

Square with a circle inside it (on the front of the robe): symbol for fixed signs of the zodiac (Taurus, leo, aqaurius, scorpio)

Scroll: learning, higher knowledge, wisdom

Sword: defending oneself, the mind, logic, impartialness, double edged—use with caution

Throne: stability

Yin yang: cosmic balance, masculine and feminine, harmony within duality

White shoe poking out from red robe: reminder that what lady justice delivers to us are the outcomes of our own actions

Purple cloth between the pillars: symbolizes that she is taking the “higher” perspective from the 3rd eye, she is unbiased and fair, higher consciousness and knowledge taking everyone’s perspective into account, the other realm

Red robe: represents power as well as survival and root chakra, symbolic of physical reality

White shoe: purity of the soul allowing higher frequencies to be channeled in, “the highest good”

Kabbalah: Letter “Lamed” meaning “goad, staff” and symbolic meaning of “prod, tongue”; pathway linking Geburah (severity) to Chesed (mercy); Geburah = 5=destruction, motion, change, upheaval, chaos; Chesed = 4 = stability, discipline, structure, form

Astrology: libra (balance, equanimity, and equality, peacemaker, relationship focused, artistic); venus (love, beauty, romance, what/how we love)

Element: air (independent, freedom, thinker, curious, talkative, observant)

Figure pose: Sitting between 2 pillars, symbolizing being the anchor for the Middle Path


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