Symbolism of Death

Number: 13 (1 [individual] + 3 [unbridled creativity] = 4 [mastery in the material sphere; the laying of solid foundations for successful completion]) (feminine; 13 lunar cycles a year); symbolic of mystical manifestation, the ability to manifest. Jesus’ teachings center on the number 13. 13 is the cosmic law of destiny. Gemantria associates 13 to “love of unity” because the Hebrew for “love” and “unity” both total 13. In Hindu culture: the word for 13 is “Terah” which means “yours” & represents karma & everything belonging to creator/source. From Chinese culture:I Ching – the 13th kua is “fellowship with men” or “sameness with people”. As always the number 13 has a higher and lower octave, & oftentimes the new beginnings brought in by the 13 can be labeled as “bad” or “good” by us humans, while we forget that it’s all divine (which is where the lower octave of 13 stems from—fear).

Jesus & 12 disciples

I Ching

Armor—protection, strength

Banner/flag—big transformation, announcement to rally around them, telling the world about it,

Crown—authority, power,

Horse—strength, freedom, spiritual animal


Roses—balance; the rose on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is called the Tudor Rose which is a symbol that was created at the end of the English War of the Roses in the 1400s which combined the white rose of the House of York and the red rose of the House of Lancaster;

Scorpion—potential threats

Skeleton (or skull)—transition


Sun—life, rebirth

Astrology—Scorpio (pluto, mars)

Kabbalah—letter: Nun, meaning: “fruit, fish”, symbolic meaning: “sprouting, activity, life”; Tiphareth (beauty—consciousness, balance, integration, connecting divine and physical) to Netzach (victory—strength, determination, concentration)


Tarot cards: the hidden symbols explained

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