Lightworker -- Expectation VS Reality

in my own journey I've often felt like I'm only supposed to embody the "light" & "good" things & that will just solve everything for me & that darkness has no place here. but as I've progressed down my path I've come to realize that what really happens when I'm doing spiritual work is that I'm harnessing a bunch of dark energy into my being & changing (transmuting) that back into "light". I become the light inside the darkness. the light is asking me to remember hope & the darkness is telling me to abandon all hope. if I listen to the darkness, then I fail to transmute that energy back into light -- but when I hold space for that darkness & do not judge it -- I can create some kind of conscious Will (effort, action) that will help the situation, rather than make it worse. this is true alchemy. this is true transmutation. holding steady & being brave & trusting my own inner light to carry me through the darkness without the darkness overtaking me & consuming me. this is the lesson that Galadriel offers us -- yes she could have easily chosen to be the dark queen, but she resisted & held her own authentic truth as sacred & she passed the test. we will be tested until our final breath, the question is always how will you respond?

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