Iris -- Goddess of the Rainbow

I'd like to shine a light on Iris, greek goddess of the rainbow -- she is a fascinating goddess who doesn't appear much in early mythology but shows up quite a bit in Homer's iliad.

Right now asteroid Iris 7 is exactly conjunct chiron (the wound & the medicine for the wound) -- a light is being shone on our old wounds of the self ♈, but it's not a harsh bright white light, but rather a gentle & peaceful light which softly reveals a truth in the kindest most loving way.

The way I experience Iris energy is very soft, like a whisper & if I blink I miss it. I have to slow down & be quiet & tune in to hear her wisdom, but when I do -- it's the most profound earth-shattering truth that I need in that moment. Looking back to march 12 2021 when neptune & iris were exact I can see exactly how this energy played out & the revelations made to me were through very subtle signs, like the pages of a book flipping open at random. So are you paying attention to your signs from Iris?? 🤔😊🙏🔮🥰🌈

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