Introducing: My patreon -- The Atlantean Flames

What is a "sacred flame"? I would define "sacred flame" here in this space as a mindset that strives to be self-sufficient & empowered in one's own abilities. It came to me from the Roman goddess Vesta, who is often called the goddess of the sacred flame & was known as the "virgin" goddess. "Virgin" meaning, "a woman who owns herself", SOVEREIGN. If it's about being self-sufficient & empowered, why have it in a group setting? The benefit of having a sacred flame journey in this shared community space is having others around to support & encourage you during the process! Inevitably there will be those struggle moments or situations where you may wish for extra support, so this is for those times!

My goals for this patreon:

✓ community-based ✓ healing-focused ✓ creative & fun ✓ practical ✓ empowering

What is included with all tiers?

✓ a private discord chat server ✓ Atlantean Flames Circle Meet

Atlantean Flames Circle Meet:

I've had this idea for a while about a circle meetup of healers who want to come together & do active energy work to heal our planet & consciousness. We will meet on a regular basis & set intentions & work together as a group. This is open for any of us in the circle to lead! I invite & encourage any to share their knowledge/healing insights during this process. Thank you for viewing, I hope to be meeting you soon! -Kelli @Mercury Landing

$3.33 / month

Art holds a special place in my self-care toolbelt. If I'm not creating something, I'm itching to create something! I would love to share some of my creative insights with others who may be interested. In this tier, we will meet monthly on zoom (video will be saved & posted for replay on youtube as well in case you miss the live) & craft together for an hour! This can be very informal or very formal depending on the level of interest. I could plan something for us to do together & provide a list of supplies you may wish to have, or you can bring your own creative project to work on solo. Either way I look forward to crafting & chatting with you!! :)


-Atlantean Flame Healing Circle Meet

-Patron-only updates

-Private discord community

-Live zoom call w/ your video & audio (if you wish!)

-Livestream that is saved for replay

  1. / month

My self-care routine & techniques have become the most important aspect of my life & I'm really feeling called to make this tier about meeting every week for an hour to have a guided self-care session. This will be done live on zoom & saved for replay on youtube & I will be sharing guided videos from all different sources about all different kinds of self-care tips & tricks. This can include: yoga routines, qigong routines, mirror gazing, meditation, sound healing, & more. Sometimes it can be a struggle to give myself the time I know I need for self-care, so having a space like this really solidifies that boundary for me & I would like to extend the same gift to others. So I hope you are ready to give yourself some extra love & attention & I'll see you in there!! 😊🌈 Includes:

-Atlantean Flame Healing Circle Meet -Access to Artist Tier -Patron-only updates -Private discord community -Livestream that is saved for replay

$66.66 / month

In this tier, I will meet monthly with you one-on-one in a zoom call for 30 minutes to read the current past/parallel timeline energy that is coming up for you in your life & channel some advice on how to integrate this energy in a healthy and positive way! The subtle realms are affecting us at all times, but the problem is that it can be hard to discern the unseen & it often causes "psychic bleed throughs", so we can shine a light on this & reclaim that forgotten aspect of self in a grounded & practical way. These calls will be private & emailed to you after the session! I have always been fascinated by things hidden beyond the veil & with my chiron in the 12th house I suppose that makes sense in a way. I seek to reach beyond time & space to put all the pieces of myself back together & now I would like to share that with you if you wish! I look forward to collapsing some timelines with you!! Includes:

-Atlantean Flame Healing Circle Meet -Access to Artist Tier -Patron-only updates -Access to Self-Care Tier -Private discord community -Zoom phone call 1-1 (saved for replay)

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