Exploring the esoteric history of moss

Moss is a powerful magical tool, that has many different uses. Moss is ruled by the planet Saturn corresponds to the root chakra, & is often used in luck/money/prosperity spellwork. According to Nicholas Culpeper (The Complete Herbal), the moss takes on the properties of the tree itself, which means this particular moss resonates with the healing frequency of oak (protection, health, inner strength, money, healing, potency, luck). Oak trees are associated with the element of fire & the summer solstice (June 21). The ancient Irish peoples called the oak tree the "King of the Woods" & it was part of the 7 noble trees; In fact, it's said that the Druids could only meet where a fine oak tree was present. It was also thought by the ancients to be the tree of the thunder gods since oak is most often struck by lightning. Oak is used to fuel the mid-summer solstice fires, as well as the Vesta fires in Rome. The Great Yule Log is made from an oak log & a part of it would be kept to rekindle the yule-tide fires the next year. The Horned God Herne the Hunter is depicted wearing a crown of oak leaves & acorns (as well as the 'Green Man' & the 'Oak King') & the mythology says that the roots of the great oak trees extend as far underground as the branches above, so the Oak King can look above/below but also forward/backward in time from his unique vantage point. The last bit of mythology I will leave you with is the story of 'Merlin's Oak'... on the outskirts of Carmarthen (said to be his birthplace) there is an oak tree that was said to be planted by Merlin himself, & that Merlin cast a powerful spell of protection on the tree (with the added spice of there being bad karma if that tree is ever destroyed) & the tree lived to a great age before it was struck by lightning & even though it was badly burned -- the stump remained for over a century. When the stump was finally removed to build a roadway, Carmarthen was badly flooded.

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