Deck review: Prisma & light visions

These are so beautiful!! 😍🥰😍 & the cards that came in the box are so activating for me. Theres a picture called "moon flower for time travellers" & the back of the business card says "past lives are perfect portals"

Deck: the light visions tarot & the prisma visions tarot by James R Eads

The boxes are different than the usual, the lids are like a hinge that swing open instead of coming completely off! Which to be honest, I'm really loving that as a feature because I tend to misplace things 🤣😁😅😅 I also love the guidebooks, they are clear & to the point & not too large or wordy. ❤🙏❤



5 stars!!!

Would recommend to anyone who resonates with it! I predict I will be using these cards A LOT in the near future 🤣🙏🤩

I'm also planning on getting the cosma oracle deck that pairs with these as soon as they are back in stock in early March! 😍

Justice from Prisma Visions

Justice from Light Visions

10 of Chalices (Light)

Queen of Chalices (Prisma)

This is the card that stole my heart.
The Star (Light)

To purchase an official copy of this deck please get it from

There are a lot of FAKE copies out there on wish and alliexpress so please keep that in mind.

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