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The high priestess--foreshadowing for next week's card <3

What does following your intuition actually look like in mundane reality?

I feel like this isn’t discussed enough (or at all) in the spiritual community. We talk about it like “trusting” in yourself and “following” your heart which is rather abstract & when it comes up in our real life we may be wondering if we’re even following our intuition or we’re just “making stuff up” & feeling rather “crazy”. So I just wanted to have a place to discuss this topic, and normalize it, so we don’t give in to these feelings of being “weird” or “crazy”. Have you ever tried to explain why you made a certain choice that changed your entire life and it sounds like “well I looked at the clock & it said ’11:11’ so I knew my last thought was on the right track” & then kind of felt like a weirdo afterward? (Same, so much same.) Or sometimes I’ve noticed my friends look at me from the outside and they think I just have “everything figured out” & I couldn’t possibly need any help/advice/support from anyone (trust me, check in on people in your life, don't just assume they are good) because my life is just going in what seems like perfect alignment & they end up feeling frustrated that they are “so far off track”. All of which are so far from the truth it’s not even funny. Most of the time following my intuition/synchronicity is completely random & I have NO IDEA why I’m doing it (until LATER!) or what the outcome will be. I just have FAITH that I’m following my own soul’s journey & going in the direction that I am led without fear or hesitation (I mean, not always—I’m human). In September 2019, I felt the calling to take a reiki class. I had never heard of reiki before, I don’t know anyone who does reiki, & my husband certainly was NOT on board at first. It was so “out-there” for me! I don’t like to spend money on myself very often nor did I spend money on learning things for myself at the time either. But I went through with it, even though it was a tough sell to my husband. I even wanted to quit on the 2nd day of my 3-day class because at the time just getting out of bed & doing things around the house was a real struggle mentally for me. But by the end of that weekend, I felt like a shift had occurred within me & my awakening was sped up (& I fell right into my dark night of the soul). Fast forward to September 2020, I now feel much more in alignment with myself and my soul’s mission & feel like I’m starting to connect with a community of like-minded souls & needless to say NONE of that would have occurred in this way without my spur of the moment idea to take a reiki class & follow through with it & then eventually put myself out there to be of service. Once I began to have faith in my journey & my abilities so many doors began to open for me because it was the right time/place, all because of synchronicity (which is how my intuition most often gives me signs).

Currently, Neptune is showing itself to me over & over. What that looks like is this (pictures included at the end): (8-31)My husband was playing Final Fantasy 9 & I was nearby sort of watching but doing my own thing. I looked up & saw he was collecting some zodiac collectibles and he picked up Leo (we are both Leo suns & Leo risings) coin, inside a room with a Neptune statue. Earlier that same day, I had been reading on my costar app about my sun trine Neptune transit & had taken a screenshot of it. Two nights later (9-2) I was moderating a youtube live for a Patreon Livestream that I joined recently, and the topic was the Pisces full moon which was happening at the time of the video, so obviously there were pointers to Neptune (Neptune is ruled by Pisces) & also Neptune was a few degrees away from the moon at the time of the video. Neptune is the ruler of my 12th house (Pisces is said to be the 'natural' ruler of the 12th house) which also houses my sun (Leo).

Neptune statue & costar app

Neptune & the moon chillin
Transit chart for my location 9-2

Sun in my 12th house & Neptune rules my 12th house (pisces natural ruler of 12th)
My natal chart

Discussed the pisces full moon & neptune came up a lot
Livestream on 9-2

So that's an example of my own personal synchronicity messages. And as always they still need to be decoded because it doesn’t always make sense "in the moment". Sometimes meditation on a sign is needed. Sometimes I’m just not meant to know the rest of the story yet. Or sometimes the signs become clear only with time & hindsight. Let me know in the comments below how you follow your own intuition & what that looks like for you if you feel called to share! Thank you for reading, hope this finds you well.

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