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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Symbolism of The Magician

The Number One--breath of life, pure energy without form, phallic, masculine number of initiation, movement, strong willpower & decisiveness in all areas.

The Double-Tipped White Wand--pure channel of spiritual wisdom & clear inspiration, firm grasp of both intention & will, it "works both ways", conduit between the divine source & material Universe, reenforces the symbol of "1".

The White Robe--(robe represents spirituality within the person.) White: peace, clarity, illumination, innocence, purity of motive & high understanding, initiation & commencement. positive aspects: integrity, purity of intentions, hope & faith. negative: inexperience, ineptness, tendency to be easily persuaded.

The Red Mantel Robe--Red (root chakra): life, energy, enthusiasm, vitality, lifeblood, passion, will & desire. Equality for anger, danger, rage, revenge and aggression, base instinct for security & survival. positive: worthwhile goals, passion, dedication, love & pursuit of one's heart desires. Negative: egoism, self-interest, vanity, self-seeking & controlling behaviours.

The Ouroboros Belt--snake eating its tail (another phallic symbol), to Egyptians cobras symbolized wisdom. In Oceania, snake is creator & fertility. "Its lidless stare connects to all-seeing wisdom, suggesting that The Magician refuses to look away from uncomfortable truths." Belt covers solar plexus: solar plexus governs the core of our ego. Snake eating itself: reinvention, renewal, shed skin & grow new one.

The Four Elements on Table--the tools that the universe gives us. wand (will), sword (intellect), cup (emotions), pentacles (physicality). wand & sword (masculine), cups & pentacles (feminine) shows opposite/contrary forces are necessary to create both the inner & outer universe. hermetic principle of polarity: everything is dual, everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites. Like and unlike are the same. Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree. Extremes meet. All truths, are but half-truths. All paradoxes may be reconciled.

Table Markings--3 etched symbols appear to be waves of water, tongues of fire & a dove facing downward. water: emotions/relationships. fire: passion, will, self. dove/air: ideas, mind. earth: table itself, the stage on which the other elements play out. "Could it be that this three-symbol code says, 'When you start with water (feeling) and add fire (passion), the result is steam (ideas) that flows upward as vapor only to condense once again on the earthly table of manifestation.'? After all, the water cycle certainly echoes the snake eating its tail."

Red Roses--deep emotions, passion & drive.

Right Hand Held Upward--right hand: active, masculine & logical, connected to left brain, suggests the active pursuit, wanting to evolve/raise, Connecting to the "Source", Higher Self, the Divine and higher realms of consciousness etc.

The Lemniscate--infinity symbol (or "lemniscate", a word also used in mathematics to describe any figure 8 shaped curve found in algebraic geometry. Jacob Bernoulli coined the word in 1693 & used the latin word 'lemniscus' which means 'decorated with ribbons'.) In mysticism: similar to ouroboros (snake eating its tail), infinite, unlimited creativity, multidimensional existence, seen/unseen. left arm downward: will to remain an open 2-way channel, retains ability to create/re-create at will in physical reality.

The Headband--mind & intention to manifest desires, ability to focus mind, mental discipline (tool for transformation).

Figure Pose​--"as above, so below", connecting heave & earth, conduit of energy between earth & source

The Yellow Background--Yellow: (color we perceive the sun to be) warmth, life force and joy of life, solar plexus chakra, ego, ruled by Mercury (roman god). positive: clear sight, conscious forces, enlightenment, sense of direction & higher state of consciousness. negative: danger, enchantment, treachery, envy& greed.

The Table--state of our knowledge, "put something on the table", "lay our cards on the table", willingness to disclose our thoughts, feelings &intentions to others, act of "spelling" or "spellcasting"; "Abracadabra" aramaic/hebrew phrase commonly understood as "I will create as I speak". Biblical interpretation:" The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us". link between vibration & manifestation, when 4 elements align, tables "hold" things & make them easier to examine, magician needs a physical place to channel energy & focus will.

Left Hand Pointing Downward--manifestation on the earth plane, willing to seek higher wisdom & channel it earthward, but he's also willing to "point the way", showing initiates what is possible.

White Lilies--1580 B.C. first images of lilies in a villa in Crete. Greeks thought lilies sprouted from milk of Hera (queen of the gods). Christian: Virgin Mary's purity & role as queen of the angels. White lilies: truth of purpose, chastity & virtue, completions & new beginnings.

Flowers &Green Growth--green growth: fertility, succeeding & abundance. roses & lilies growing together: fusion of human passion & incorruptible psychic integrity. positive: promise of happiness & success. negative: isolation/loneliness.

Astrology--Mercury, Gemini, Virgo; Mercury: divine messenger, communication, rules the mind & hands; Gemini: air, opposing forces, duality, light/dark. Virgo: deep-rooted to the material plane, earth, logical, practical, systematic.

Kabblah--pathway: 12th; Hebrew letter: Beth (meaning: "House/Temple") "The Magician is located between Kether and Chokmah on the Tree of Life. The spiritual energy of Kether mixes with the physically focused energy in Chokmah to create “The Stage.” It is a place where the will of the magician is made manifest. It is a place of magic and wonder, illusion, and grand design. You will not find a find a more potent place with the powers of manifestation."; Kether: meaning "crown", planet is the big bang. Chokmah: meaning "wisdom", planet is the zodiac. "1st Sephira – Kether (Crown) is the highest and purest. It is closest to God and is the source of all creation. The Four Aces of The Minor Arcana also reside in Kether . It is a fitting and appropriate place for the Aces as we see Spirit, in the form of a hand extending from a cloud, offer the gift of the potential of each element to its corresponding Suit. 2nd Sephira – Chokmah (Wisdom/Supernal Father) Primal Masculine energy. The raw force that brings the change to initiate creation. The Four Kings of the Court Cards and the Four Two’s of The Minor Arcana also reside here.Astrologically – Corresponds to The whole Zodiac"

Palmistry-- the pinkie, mount of mercury





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