Copy of Symbolism of The Fool

The Fool:

Element: air

0 – zero point, unknown drives & desires, “eternity”, wholeness, oneness, no beginning, no end, circle, beginning of spiritual journey, ancestors called it “god force” energy, cosmic egg

White sun – the real color of the sun is white & it symbolizes pure enlightenment; shows the fool has a direct link to the highest forces in the universe; illuminating behind the fool indicating his growing awareness

Red feather – life force, vitality, strength, potential flame & shows liveliness of persons heart & soul, red is also the color for the root chakra

Black stick – symbolizes an unknown/unconscious burden that each of us must carry

Bundle – symbolizes worldly possessions, bare essentials, 4 talismans of the minor arcana signifying one’s potential abilities/latent talents

White rose – showcases the structural beauty of the rose because lack of color does not distract from it, symbolizes purity, balance, virtue, innocence, promise for new beginnings & hope, & “the best is yet to come; thorns symbolize defense, physicality, loss & thoughtlessness.

Horizon – symbolizes the realm of the possible, the loftiest border between realms, the divide between heaven & earth

Mountains – higher realms, spiritual/mental rising or improvements, “Still more mountains to climb”, obstacles

White dog – instinct & self preservation, loyalty, trust, protection, companionship, a warning against danger, fun & excitement; Maltese dog was favored by the wealthy during the renaissance. Odysseus’s dog Argus (Maltese) was the only one able to recognize Odysseus when he returned from his travels, suggesting maybe dogs can sense our true essence even if we have evolved or changed.

Yellow boots – symbolizes fool’s self-confidence & belief that every step is taken consciously (even though he doesn’t pay attention to what’s ahead of him)

Ledge – risk, leap of faith, uncertainty, mental obstacles, threshold where one journey ends and another one begins

Appearance – androgynous to symbolize the union of male & female energies. Fool’s journey is open to anyone. Fanciful bright colored shirt shows inappropriate attire for long journeys thus he is called the “mad man” by some, carefree, flamboyant, superficial, relaxed & open attitude, suggests the ability to live day-by-day without worrying about the future, very Aquarian type, true to self, individual thinker, walks his own path

Astrology – Uranus , Aquarius and the 11th house. Uranus symbolizes: the unexpected, wants to bring necessary change, releases tradition, likes to get weird, likes innovation, likes technology, thinks creatively. Aquarius symbolizes: innovation, humanitarian values, communal progress, water-bearer, free-thinking, revolutionary, healthy or unhealthy detachment. 11th house symbolizes: extended network, teamwork, collaboration, humanitarian pursuits, technology, social media, & placements here will show one’s greater audience & how one influences the masses by propelling long-term change.

Kabbalah – the tree of life diagram describes universal laws of reality. Follow the path down from spirit to matter & up from matter to spirit. The paths connecting the tree of life are called “the path of the serpent”, and they represent the lessons learned on one’s journey or the spiritual requirements needed to get to the next phase. The Hebrew letter associated with the fool is “Aleph” (meaning “ox”) with the symbolic meaning “primal energy”. The fool card is the path connecting Kether (“Crown”) to Chokmah (“Wisdom”). Keywords for kether: closest to god, unity, eternal source, pureness, potential. Keywords for chokmah: divine masculine, expression of the full force of the soul, insight.


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