Collective General Reading 11/23/20


Hey there, thank you for watching! The question I asked for this reading was "What does the collective need to know right now?"

To sum up: We're all going through a lot of life-changing events, which need to happen because they were not serving us. The medicine for our pain is art, poetry, song, dance...anything that helps us express and transmute our lower emotions into something beautiful and healing. Enlightenment is a two-fold process: a personal & a collective process, & the point where we meet in the middle is the glue that holds us all together. Let me know if you like this video & maybe I will share more energy readings in the future.


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Kelsi's art IG: @modernwolfdesigns (made the cute pendant my water vase & my profile picture/logo) ~~~

If you are interested in any resin orgonite items please check out my instagram page to see all the molds I have & you can DM me there to custom order. (I'm taking custom orders unless I get overwhelmed lol) I'll also be listing things I've made already on my website & they will be available to purchase that way as well. I also post weekly blog posts about the symbolism of the tarot cards where I pull together from all different cultures and sources and try to compile it in one place. It's not an exhaustive list by any means, but I have made some interesting discoveries along the way. Shout out to @thecosmicspacewitch: Allie has created an amazing patreon community centered around astrological self-empowerment, which I'm a member of & I really respect/appreciate her work. Thank you! Shout out to @thepathilluminated: Kimberly is launching her new life coaching endeavor & I would like to show support to her! Best wishes & looking forward to working with her one on one.

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