Channeling Atlantis 1.4.21

1.4.21 The moon was exact with Atlantis in Virgo at 23° at 10:44 am PST. At the time of recording, they were about 6 degrees apart. The moon plays a really key role in how we understand & digest & process the world around us as we pull it deeply into our being -- the moon reflects the knowledge and wisdom that we are needing to integrate. I've been exploring the idea of "moon sovereignty" because I really don't like the idea of being controlled by my emotions & I think I may do more channelings like these in the future to help aid in my moon sovereignty. What I'm doing in this video is simply holding space for the messages from Atlantis to come through and be made aware to our conscious-mind again. There is a deep remembrance that can be triggered in your soul as you watch videos like this. Likely, most of us had at least one past life in Atlantis, I know I had several & I'm still working on remembering & integrating all of those. I'm feeling called to do this now because I think we are on the same path to self-destruction unless we can make better choices as a collective. With Saturn moved into Aquarius, we have hope for a rebellion and a revolution, but only if we can remember who we are, where we have been, & accept the mistakes we have made in the past with non-judgement & just try to make better choices moving forward. The focus should be humanitarian & it should be tangible if we hope to really make some changes.

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