Channeled Art About Atlantis

(This song goes along with the art.)

The way I see this, Libra is the great decision-maker (or not because sometimes there's not a good choice to be made) & is def the energy that I would trust to hold the true balance/order. The golden arch that is holding up the sun & moon symbolizes to me the Unifying Force, that holds the universe together. The sun (divine masculine) & moon (divine feminine) are hanging by a thread to symbolize how easily we can "disconnect" ourselves by just cutting one of the threads (cuz consciousness is like that, we're allowed to disconnect ourselves if we choose). Saturn is on there because he is the ruler and the protector of our realm. He is our greatest teacher & wants us to be practical & grounded in everything we do. He also protects our free will, reminding us that we always have a choice. The rune in the middle is called "Ing"/"Ingwaz" which is often called "seed" & it represents the divine masculine, esp male ancestors & I think in this context it's calling for the healing of the "seed", our "seed" has become toxic & we need to purify it. The rune on the top right is called "Wunjo" & it's often translated as "joy" but I would go further to even say it's "samadhi bliss" & I would say Wunjo is the medicine for all this -- connect back into our joy & bliss & all the balancing act usually falls away.

For me, this connects to Atlantis because there's a lot of confusion, esp as we begin to remember. & I feel like the Atlantians get a bad rep because of the fall being highly ego-based (but let's not forget that Lemuria, while it wasn't ego-based technically, had it's own issues & even started black magic) so it gets this vibe of like "well it was your fault & you deserved to destroy yourselves", but I'm getting a different vibe -- the vibe of young kids going wild & tearing it up just because they can. In Lemuria, there was no Personal Will & everything had to be in alignment with the collective & the people of Atlantis likely knew of this & they were trying to correct this "mistake" & they ended up taking it too far to one side. We're all doing this balancing act between The Self & The Other, even our ancestors & even our ancestors were not perfect/did not know everything. The Atlantians were exploring Personal Will & I'm sure at some point they all believed they were doing the right thing.

In one of my past lives I was a child in Atlantis, on a small island -- far from the main hub -- & I had a vision of the fall coming. I told my people of my vision & I wanted them to do something to save us, I wanted to live! They all listened to me & took me seriously but they also told me there was nothing to be done & that the fall needed to happen. I was upset about this & later I heard that the main city of Atlantis heard of my vision & they were taking action (fortifying the city etc) & I felt conflicted because I knew they were the "bad guys" but they were taking the action I wished my island would take. This past life created a giant wound for me because of these conflicting feelings, the wound of speaking my truth but being unable to "do" what I felt like needed to be done, so I'm working through this feeling of helplessness & being consumed by the flood because of the actions of others & let me tell you -- I feel pretty damn salty about it sometimes (pun intended), but I try to keep in mind the wisdom that was gifted to me: "everything happens for a reason". Even if I don't understand in this life, I will have time to figure it out eventually. This is a never-ending process, this is all there is, nothing else exists. We will continue to learn about consciousness for infinity. So if you're just now waking up, welcome! This is it, this is the work.

Know thyself.

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