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Updated: Feb 21

1.9.21 Atlantis asteroid retrograde (at 8:28 am pst).

At the time Atlantis stationed RX it fell opposite Neptune (planet of illusions, dreams, spirituality, escapism). Oppositions show us a polarity that is needing to be balanced. Cooperation and awareness are called for with this kind of energy. Neptune has been said to be associated with the processes that move us beyond the physical realm (think astral travel & lucid dreaming & telepathy), which we very much need to be tapping into and remembering our divine nature -- but it's important to balance and ground that energy otherwise we will go too far. So what does Atlantis represent? To me, it represents obviously the physical place and peoples that used to exist here in our realm -- but besides that, it also shows us our forgotten collective shadow (one aspect of it -- there are many) & it's a very important aspect that we need to integrate now, lest we repeat past mistakes over and over. As the Pluto in Scorpio generation, we are here to remember/realize, rethink and break these toxic patterns that have been playing out for millenniums -- it's time for them to die & be rebirthed into something new and more helpful to the collective (Saturn in Aquarius). At the time Atlantis stations RX, Pluto & the north node (path of destiny -- this is literally fated, guys; the nodes [south node with the antivertex] are also quintile the vertex/antivertex which is sometimes called the "third angle" or a "point of karmic connection" said to be activated at important turning points in our lives) is also making a quintile to Chiron, bringing needed transformation and healing to the self (Aries) from other realms to set us on course for our highest mission. Also, Iris 7 & Atlantis both make a quintile to the moon at the time of stationing RX; Iris was known to be the messenger of the goddess Hera & her symbol is the rainbow -- the energy of the asteroid Iris 7 is an emotional intelligence activation & a bringer of the light. Iris 7 can activate the right brain & be of great use to writers & speakers, & enhance spiritual gifts of all kinds as she is known as the Light of Consciousness. This is an excellent lunar activation if you are currently struggling in your spiritual journey!

Enjoy your remembering process!

We are the heroes of our own story.

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The light blue Q's are quintiles.

Dark blue stars are sextiles.

Dark blue triangles are trines.

White is conjunction.

Red line with the 2 circles is opposition.

Red squares are squares.

Purple s is septile.

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