astrology news 4.16.21

As I was sitting down to get inspired about my manifestation project, I opened up the chart of the moment (2:38pm ct) to see what was going on in the cosmos & I most definitely got inspired!!

The first thing I noticed was Mercury exact Eris (goddess of discord) which is also conjunct the sun & venus. Iris & Io conjunct chiron in aries. & atlantis 1198 & vestaconjunct in virgo. Along with pallas Athene & lilith 1181 conjunct in pisces. All painted a picture in my mind of these heavily repressed feminine archetypes that we are needing to understand & use again to empower ourselves (men & women both).

Iris & Io conjunct chiron speak to emotional intelligence & compassion in the face of adversity. Io was a lover of zeus whom he transformed into a heifer instead of allowing himself to be caught by his wife Hera & then Io was stuck as a heifer (while pregnant from the encounter with zeus) with Hera tormenting her endlessly, so Io walked/swam all the way to the Nile where she met zeus again, & was changed back into a woman where she could finally give birth to her child & she became Isis, the mother of Egypt. The story of Io is most definitely of persistence in the face of adversity, so to have it conjunct chiron & iris says you may be suffering now, but you will be rewarded by the end (becoming a metaphorical queen 👑) -- BUT THE SUFFERING IS A PART OF THE PROCESS. Cant skip it, especially since pluto is leading the show here.

Atlantis & vesta are helping us clean up past timelines & purify them so we don't continue making the same mistakes.

Lilith & pallas could be a very interesting transit & I'm honestly not sure what way this will play out for anyone. Pallas is the feminine counterpart to Uranus & Lilith is the darker feminine ego that refuses to compromise & is tied to lower vibrational expressions of femininity. Pallas could help some wake up from their toxic cycles & begin to form new patterns.

& the sun is helping us to see all of these archetypes within ourselves & others, while mercury is there to help us grasp it with our human mind & put it to words.

I may be posting more content like this in the future-- if you found it worthwhile please let me know!!

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