Astro-News: Apollo/Atlantis/Vesta Astrology

Astro-News for 5.2.21 Apollo ended its retrograde cycle yesterday at 3:44pm CT. It was the last of these 3 asteroids to finish & now all 3 are moving forward to integrate the lessons together. Vesta & Atlantis have been reflecting through the lens of virgo (virgo traits include: modest, shy, meticulous, reliable, practical, Intelligent, analytical, fussy, anxious, worrywart, hypercritical, a perfectionist, & conservative--rules over the spleen & the intestines) during this time -- my advice to find this in your life is to notice any anxious thoughts you may be having. The cure for Virgos suffering is to have a positive outlet for their anxious energy. Atlantis is acting as an anchor to past/parallel timelines, while Vesta is doing the work of purifying all that lower vibrational anxiety with the sacred flame of pure source love (which could be symbolized here by Apollo). Apollo is the only of these 3 asteroids to leave Virgo during this RX cycle -- he dips into leo for a short time to reclaim the fiery light of the sun before grounding back into the scorched earth (Vesta & Atlantis in virgo) & beginning anew. Leo is ruled by the 🔆 & Apollo is the god of the 🔆 (traits of leo: generous, warm-hearted, creative, enthusiastic, broadminded, expansive, faithful, loving, divine child, pompous, patronizing, bossy, interfering, dogmatic, intolerant, overdramatic--rules over the ❤heart & spine🐍) & he brings with him his warmth & light which will help us grow the new seeds we have been planting in our inner gardens & bring new life to these areas of our 🦋psyche🦋 where we have been deconstructing ourselves. Find a way to express yourself & shine your light!! Fun fact: the greek word "psyche" means "soul" but also "butterfly" 🦋🥰🙏 Check out my patreon (link in bio), gofundme for repressed feminine retreats, my free gridkeeper activation, & more (book with me, shop with me, blog, etc) -- @ my website If you liked this post, stay tuned because I will be making more like this in the future. & keep an eye out for asteroid themed apparel coming soon to my shop 🥰🦋🐍❤

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