4.11.21 New Moon in Aries


•"How can I be better to actually live my dream life?

•" what do I need to give up within myself to give myself the life I know I deserve?"

•"How do I close the gap between how I see myself & how I really am?"

•"How can I serve the people I love more authentically?"

This moon has really got me going into full Phoenix mode, how about you???

Please check out my patreon, The Atlantean Flames (link in bio), if you are looking for a community that is personal growth focused. We have a discord & we meet once a month for The Atlantean Flames circle meet where we set intentions & meditate on the real world problems we are facing in this 3D reality. 🙏❤🔮

I am also still taking bookings for 1-on-1 sessions & if you feel like you resonate with me, I would love to assist you on your journey! Your support means literally the world to me as this is my main source of income right now. 💗🥰

Happy new moon! Live your best life!!

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