4/10/21 "In filth it shall be found" -- Reading for the collective

This is a channeled message (from my higher self) for the collective.

This is a simple 3 card spread intended to give insight into the subconscious, conscious, & superconscious (higher selves) energies at play right now.

Dice: 2|♋|NorthNode

2nd house in astrology: personal resources, material values, money, possessions, self-worth, bodily awareness, practical abilities, establishing physical security

Theme: How can you establish physical (real-world, tangible) security that is ultimately heart-centered & nurturing (cancer rules the higher heart) & is in alignment with your highest mission?

Unconscious: 2 of wands, hierophant, 3 of cups, yang

We are being called to remember our deeper soul connections, the flames are burning brightly, sending smoke signals into the night sky. All we need to do is open our eyes, look up away from the distractions & pain & we will find that our soul tribe is ready & waiting for us to join the party. These connections run deep, they are multi-dimensional, stretching far across time/space with lessons & deep wisdom. We must remember, though we are all on separate paths – we are not separate, we are right beside each other & all we need to do to find each other is speak. Speak out! Speak your truth so others who resonate with that truth may find you. Stop hiding in the shadows, we are encouraged at this time to birth these truths into the light of day.

Conscious: 7 of pentacles, knight of cups, 8 of wands, mutable

As we get ready to plant our seeds for this Aries new moon, we are supported to get in touch with our emotions – how are you feeling? What are you feeling passionate about? Mount your furiously swirling emotions & ride them to the end – this is the correct path, all signs are in forward motion, but do not forget to surrender to the ebb and the flow of the wave. Sometimes to gain a blessing, we must give up something else; be willing to release what no longer serves you so you may welcome with open (& empty) arms the new energy that is waiting for you. Destiny is calling, but will you heed the call?

Superconscious: the high priestess, 9 of pentacles, 10 of swords, water

Medieval alchemical thought, serving as a bridge between the extreme spiritualism of European Christianity and the later materialism of science, took to itself the dictum in sterquiliniis invenitur – in filth it shall be found (Jung, 1967, p. 35).

When we are willing to travel into our subconscious & face all that we find there with no fear, we freely receive all the blessings & wisdom that our soul has to offer us. The journey into the underworld is no small feat & is not for the faint of heart, be sure to bring along your light & your trusted spirit team & hold those close to your heart as you travel through your own emotional pain body. You may also realize that you have the power to control your journey in this realm, if you so wish. Allowing yourself to sit with this pain, & become “at peace” with it, & give love to it, is the true key to healing. Feel it to heal it, there are no shortcuts. Water is not only a representation of our emotional bodies, but it is also a container for memories (the akash) & teaches us that all must flow, lest it become stagnant/toxic. As the sun sees itself in the reflection of the sea, you recognize yourself in another & feel compassion.

Thank you for reading!

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