Mercury Landing

Live Your Best Life

By remembering & unlocking your authentic being



Mercury Landing is the brain-child of a simple human-star-child named Kelli. Kelli is trained in reiki levels 1 & 2, but even before her formal training, she was always interested in all healing modalities, the supernatural, religion & metaphysics in general. She began reading cards her first year of high school & was amazed by them & began to read for her friends as well. That same year, one of her best friends, Apollo, passed over & when he made a reappearance to her 3 months later, Kelli had no choice but to accept that the supernatural was a very large part of her reality & it's been something she has been working with ever since. Apollo taught her to trust in her abilities & validated the unseen realms to give Kelli the confidence to explore the energetic realms & eventually realize that she is a "healer" who can naturally navigate & actively work with these forces. Now Kelli wishes to share her gift with the collective for the highest good.